Developers & Landlords With Apartments in NG1* Nottingham

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  • The student market is increasingly competitive as more and more  developments come on stream. Developers are increasingly looking to cut their operational costs. 
  • Apartments4students is the student website operated by  Landlord Direct.
  • For good quality student apartments located in NG1 we are able to offer developers FREE advertising on Rightmove. This is a long term offer - we are a very well established company offering online letting services. 


  • The dynamics of the student lettings market seems to change each year , questions about international students...Brexit...shorter courses...different course start dates...increased student accommodation stock...all need to be considered.
  • Landlord Direct , is highly experienced in the student apartment market in Nottingham, and have already worked with a number of large student accommodation providers.
  • We wish to provide back up services to assist student accommodation providers, services that are quick and easy to use 


Our offer of Rightmove advertising is simply FREE and it does not get better than that, there are sound commercial reasons for this offer to developers and landlords  in NG1 because then without obligation of any kind we hope developers will consider some of the other letting services we offer.

This will be especially true of our Short Stay Student listings which can quickly fill any voids  you may experience in any given year. We have a quick email booking procedure and the rentals are paid in full to you -  we charge the short stay guest a booking fee.

Flexible Letting Options


    Full Academic Year - Free to Developer / Landlord

    Advertise on Rightmove & apartments4students.
    Developer / Landlord over to you to sign up.


    Flexi-Let - Free to Developer / Landlord

    Advertise on Rightmove & apartments4students.
    Developer / Landlord over to you to sign up.


    Need Viewing Service - £99 plus vat

    Viewings carried out by experienced negotiator.


    Short Term - Serviced - Free to Developer / Landlord

    Advertise on Rightmove & apartments4students.
    Full rental taken and paid to developer.
    Booking made using serviced property licence agreement. ( booking fee charged to short stay guest)

Flexible approach to student letting

We cover all the options...all at low cost


  • Full Academic Year

    Secure full academic year student tenants, we advertise and then just send leads to you, or use our Viewing Service at only £99 plus vat.

  • Post Graduate - January Start Date

    Optimize your adverts for a January start date to meet the requirements of many post-graduate courses.

  • Flexi-Lets - Flexible contract lengths

    Growing demand for different course dates , introduce flexible contract terms.

  • Serviced & Short stay

    You are offering fully inclusive rents already so you can offer short stay licence agreements and tap into the short stay market. If you need additional cleaning or other services we can help.